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01 February 2017 @ 09:19 am
Master list of fic & vids in reverse chronological order  
All are A/R or Roslin-centered. Almost all have sexual content, Teen+ to Mature Adult.


Caprican Times AU series
drabbles in this series:
Publisher's privilege (200 words)
Publisher's will (300 words)
The scoop (300 words)
Lady Pub (300 words)
The body politic (300 words)
Serapis (100 words)
Made man (200 words)
Long form story:
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Battlefield Cross (Bill has cancer) AU series:
Battlefield Cross (200 words)
Singing in the lifeboat (300 words)
That thing with feathers (300 words)
Dystopia AU:
Dystopia (300 words)
Shrine of an indifferent god (300 words)
The winter sparrow (300 words)

They also serve who only stand and wait (300 words)
Till death do us reunite (200 words)
Let me call you sweetheart (200 words)
Eye of the beholder (300 words)
Desperado (100 words)
Let me lay down beside you (300 words)
The days of my life like a legend (300 words)
A/U (200 words)
Lies my father taught me (300 words)
The grammar of fears (200 words
Mea maxima culpa (300 words)
Desperate times in the Diaspora (300 words)
Children of the lesser gods (300 words)
Boobie trap (300 words)
Then will come soft rains (300 words)
Talking to your pocket (the box set remix) (911 words)
Get close up (300 words)
Hot, strong, and bittersweet (300 words)
A beauty, if ever I have seen one (200 words)
Film at 11 (200 words, A/R, D'Anna)
Discriminant analysis (300 words)
Le cœur a ses raisons que la raison ne connaît pas (100 words)
To enter as if unawares (200 words)
Black Friday (300 words)
A time to every purpose (205 words)
Death #2 (300 words)
Towards the unity of the separated (200 words)
The love I seemed to lose with my lost gods (300 words)
Barking up the wrong tree (300 words)
Beautiful combination (100 words)
Ring in the truth (300 words)
Tying ribbons around grief (300 words)
Quickie conversion (200 words)
Information, please (300 words)
dies lustricus (200 words)
Three little words (100 words)
615 Olympic Street, Earth (100 words)
ars amorata (300 words
Trying to throw you off course (200 words)
The 300 (300 words)
How Could You Believe Me When I Said I Loved You When You Know I've Been a Liar All My Life (351 words)
Everything which is yes (509 words)
That thing that turns to a star (508 words)
Your life is a stone in you (507 words)
Magnus (Baltar fic, 457 words)
Enshrine me in castles of splendor (300 words)
Trying to read the Greek upon the stars (200 words)
The right of private assembly (300 words)
Dazzle camouflage (1950 words)
Sandhi (300 words)
Azazel (300 words)
Restorative justice (300 words)
Stealing dead souls (300 words)
Serve me up your flood in a bowl (300 words)
Euthermia (200 words)
The gypsy queen (300 words)
Aceldama (200 words)
Silver rain (100 words)
White hat (200 words)
Null hypothesis (200 words)
Charitable Impulse (100 words)
Nunquam iterum (300 words)
Irregularities so profoundly lamented (300 words)
Talisman (300 words)
Trigger (200 words)
Mean extent (300 words)
Take a picture; it lasts longer (300 words)
Polarid/Kodachrome (200 words x2)
And the people shall lead (300 words)
Small steps (300 words)
Counting coup (200 words)
Words like eyelids on your breasts (759 words)
Hand job (100 words)
Habeus corpus (975 words)
Like father, like son (168 words)
Core curriculum (300 words)
Crossword (300 words)
What New Caprica made me, I must be (300 words)
Some sort of time machine (600 words)
Basking in reflected glory (300 words)
21 grams (100 words)
Scherzo (100 words)
he dike ton Tauronion (300 words)
Stop the clocks and dress the public doves in white (300 words)
Love and a continual farewell (300 words)
An atheist's heaven (200 words)
Agnosia (300 words)
Naiad/Diana (200 words)
Like the current under the seas (200 words)
A prayer before dying (5223 words)
Libro de Buen Amor (300 words)
Self-fulfilling prophecies (100 words
Truth itself becomes suspicious (894 words)
Dare you see a Soul at the White Heat? (736 words)
Sympathy for the devil (The Four Little Words remix) (1285 words)
The Fine line (200 words, Adama, Tigh)
A Thousand things, good and bad (100 words, Jaffee, Adama)
Soft diplomacy (300 words)
Sub Rosa (300 words)
Self-exam (100 words)
Tahara (300 words)
Then shall I fully know (300 words)
Even death cannot part true minds (566 words) (Adama/Roslin/Head!Carolanne Adama)
It's not a war if there are no prisoners (326 words) (Adar/Roslin/Billy)
Bend down to hear my voice (626 words) (Tyrol/Roslin)
Genesis 2.20 (200 words)
Graffiti (100 words)
Everyone's learned a thing or two from Starbuck (100 words)
Laura Roslin was a very inspiring teacher (100 words)
Friendship means sharing (100 words)
Like chewing on pearls (the 'I Like it Rough" remix) (100 words)
Engrave me with purest gold (100 words)
Heartbreaker (100 words)
Colonial distinctions (100 words)
This has not happened before (100 words)
A frosted-over window (100 words)

BSG_kink drabbles (each 100 words)

Blood on the Scales Deleted Scene Part 2 (Roslin/Baltar)
Presidential Lessons (Roslin/Adama/Brooke)
Junkyard Dog (Roslin/Zarek)
Overdue (Roslin/Zrek/Adama)
Flight Suit by Armani (Roslin/Helo)
Reflex (100 words)
Nothing says "Glad You're alive like a case of the clap (583 words) (Secondary characters: Cottle, implied Baltar)
99 red baloons and hairy armpits (100 words) (Secondary character: Baltar)
Simple line, complex curve (2723 words)
Unbuckled (546 words)
Laura fraks the Fleet, but at night she's Mrs. Mell  (394 words) (RPF, MM/Randle Mell)
Trophy on your wall (1319 words)
Paperwork (558 words) (Secondary character: Dee)
At the end of her world (624 words)
Black market goods (687 words)
What you remember (742 words)

You didn't kiss me
It's about time
Marry me a little
Blame it
Battlestar Copacabana
Italian leather sofa
Mishu larutz ito (Someone to run with)
Doctor Doctor
I can't stand it
Ninety nine and a half (Just won't do)
I wanna testify
Mickey's monkey
The little things you do together
Frank Sinatra
Trouble don't rhyme
Leader of the band
I like it rough
Mutiny, I promise you
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